5 Tips to Avoid Vacation Weight Gain

Vacation is meant to be fun and a time to cut loose! But what if you are on a weight loss journey or don't want to come back to town with the unwanted "souvenir" of a couple extra vacation pounds? I give my clients five simple tips to avoid derailing their diet and exercising plan!

Choose 1 meal per day that you will allow yourself splurge on. The rest of your meals need to be healthy. And always eat everything in moderation.

Avoid high calorie beverages. If you know that you’d like to have a drink or 2-choose lower calorie options like wine or a vodka tonic over sugary margaritas or other mixed drinks.  Also, have 8oz of water between each drink.

Move more! Walk, bike, jog, swim, or dance. Try to get at least an hour of activity each day. Resistance bands and/or body weight exercises are a great option for those who really want a great travel workout.

Stay Hydrated- We often eat more than we need to due to thirst not hunger.

Snack Pack- Make sure that you always have healthy snacks on hand. Keeping yourself satiated will not only keep you in a good mood, but it will keep you from making poor meal choices and/or overeating at your next meal.